The Leaked Fire Monsters Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are a Great Concept


When the 9th generation Pokemon games were announced, they conquered the Internet by creating a lot of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan art, and soon after that special websites were created. The influence of the 9th generation is likely to be noticeable, as Game Freak has demonstrated over the years that fan-favorite features from new games tend to stay in the next ones, often brought to perfection. This is not always the case, and some existing features, mostly combat tricks, tend to be discarded when a new generation is launched, for example, with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet using the new phenomenon of Terrestrial rather than Dynamaxing.

So far, the main product of the series has been representations of Pokemon species that are exclusive to one of the two versions of the games, which makes it desirable to have friends who can exchange the remaining creatures or even buy both versions from a marketing point of view. From the point of view of gameplay, this is a cool feature that allows each game to have its own unique personality, because even one version may differ from another in terms of theme and setting, even a little. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans can’t currently make an informed decision about which version to pre-order, but one recent leak concerns a new fire-type Pokemon that supposedly evolves into two different creatures depending on the version being played.

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How Exclusive versions of Pokemon Split Evolutions Can Work

The most recent example of this logic comes from Pokemon Sword and Shield, which used Aplin, only for the creature to turn into a Flapple or Appletoon based on an item available only in one version. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it seems that a new Fire-type Pokemon can evolve into a flaming sword in one game or into a fire warrior in another, if this leak is true.

This is an interesting concept because it promotes the idea that in order for the experience to be complete, players will need both evolutions to complete their Pokedex. A Pokemon with a fiery sword and a Pokemon with a fiery warrior are interesting ideas, but this split evolution seems to suggest that there may be one creature that is a warrior with a sword. While Pokemon Scarlet and Violet share a common theme of the past and the future, this fire-type creature is rumored to be able to better represent the themes with the help of the present version, which combines both parts.

Pokemon games are not new to merging monsters, for example, Kyurem, Necrozma and more recently Calyrex. However, these are all legendary Pokemon, and a fusion creating a warrior wielding a flaming sword is unlikely for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It’s still more interesting than Eplin turning into a rotten dragon or apple pie, which is really appropriate for the region, but not as original as the leaked Gen 9 Fire Pokemon. Having two exclusive versions of evolution that complement each other is compelling, and it would be an exciting addition to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Moreover, this idea could be repeated in future games, perhaps by introducing Pokemon mergers beyond the legendary species. This can make the exclusive versions of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and future generations more attractive than just individual Pokemon that have a common design concept. In general, something like this can be considered as a kind of final evolution, when two creatures create a unique relationship based on mutual benefit, which is already present in Pokemon games due to certain evolutionary requirements.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.


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