The leak of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can show how many new abilities and techniques there are in games


The latest in a long string of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks is dedicated to the movements and abilities of the new entry. As many fans know, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company didn’t seem to give much to this new generation. Very little is known about the games, because there are only two months left before the launch.

Hopefully, the companies involved will see fit to hit marketing hard in the coming weeks, but that remains to be seen. The lack of official information has led fans to turn to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks, although there is a mixture of made-up rumors and leaks, speculation and probably legitimate leaks on the Internet. Everything should be treated with a degree of skepticism, but for the most part, sources such as Riddler Hu and Kaka have proven reliable.

The recent leak of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet focuses on the movements and hidden abilities that are collected by accounts such as Centro Leaks. According to Kaka, there are 25 to 40 new abilities in the game. This range of numbers may not be as impressive as it sounds, as it seems that some abilities are essentially being renamed. These are new abilities, but they do what the abilities of previous generations have already done. As for the moves, it seems that there will be 50 to 65 new moves, which is not bad.

It also turned out that the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter games (Fuecoco, Quaxly and Sprigatito) do not have new abilities. They are all abilities found in previous generations, which probably increases their typical advantages. However, it should be noted that Hu had previously teased Sprigatito’s ability as “broken”, but that’s all that was said.

In particular, Kaka also adds that the Royal Majesty of the Queen is one of the abilities that receive a clone (it prevents the use of priority moves). What kind of Pokemon it is and what this new ability is called is not reported. In addition, the evolution of the Girafariga (it is believed that it is called a Farigiraf) gets an ability called a Ruminant Animal, which is probably somehow related to berries.

It will be interesting to see how these new moves and abilities use the Terastal Phenomenon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as there are probably a few that will further support this. Such details are something that fans don’t realize until the game is released, but still many hope that new Pokemon and other new elements will be highlighted before the launch.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 on the Nintendo Switch.


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