The leader in electronic devices: companies based in Asia!


Electronic device sales leader has been determined. In addition, the weight of Asian-based companies is felt in the top 10. We are all witnessing the rise of Asian-based companies. Especially on the phone side, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and others reach millions of people every year. Looking at Fortune and Statista data, it dominates the vast majority of the top 10 companies in 2019. While Samsung is the market leader, Foxconn comes right after it.

Asia-based companies became the leader in electronic device sales!

Looking at the top 8 electronics manufacturers in terms of highest annual revenues worldwide in 2019, listed by Fortune, it is clear that South Korean tech giant Samsung is well ahead with sales of nearly $ 200 billion in the corresponding year. The company has one strong competitor in the home appliance market, which is Foxconn Technology Group, also from Taiwanese Hon Hai Precision Industry. The company, which has sales of $ 173 billion compared to Samsung, draws attention.

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Surprisingly, Honeywell is the only electronics company outside Asia and ranked 10th as the world’s largest electronics and electrical equipment companies. The similar list includes a company from France-based Europe Schneider Electric, which ranks 13th and has total sales of about $ 30 billion. While companies based in Japan and South Korea maintain their dominance in this leadership race, China-based companies also manage to make a name for themselves.


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