The leader for the tablet market has not changed!


Before the pandemic, there was a contraction in the tablet market day by day. However, with the epidemic; Demand for laptops and tablets gained momentum again due to methods such as distance education and remote work. The 2020 third quarter tablet sales report also shows that each brand has experienced an increase in tablet sales. Also according to the table again; Apple maintained its leadership for the tablet market.

Apple continues its hegemony in the tablet market this quarter as well!

If we leave the brands aside and look at the growth in the tablet market; According to the 2020 third quarter tablet sales report, a total of 47.6 million tablets were sold. Each brand achieved higher sales figures compared to the previous quarter. However, the leading brand of the market has not changed.

Apple sold 13.9 million iPads this quarter as the tablet market leader. When we look at the same quarter of last year, the number of iPads sold was 11.8 million. However, despite the increase in the number of tablets sold by the brand, a decrease was observed in its market share. The company, which had a 31.1 percent market share in the same quarter of the previous year, had a share of 29.2 percent in this quarter. Again, we can say that there is a big difference between the brand’s closest competitor. You can see the table below.

2020 üçüncü çeyrek tablet satışları

The leader of the market, Apple, is followed by Samsung. Samsung, the second brand with the highest market share, was able to sell 9.4 million tablets, with 4.4 million more sales than last year. The company’s market share increased from 13 percent to 19.8 percent.

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