The lead role of James Bond regrets his past statements!


Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond, made important statements. The successful actor regrets the statements he made in the past.


Daniel Craig, the star of James Bond movies, made important statements. While a new production will be added to the series soon, the master actor, who went to the press, shared his thoughts. Craig, who was asked again for his past statements, stated that he regretted this issue as well.

Daniel Craig, who welcomed the audience as the lead role in one of the cult productions of action cinema, admitted that he was ungrateful in his past complaints. The successful actor stated that he could stay calmer especially in the face of the troubles he experienced at that time.

Daniel Craig: “I may have exaggerated a bit”

Daniel Craig, who surprised everyone after Specter, which was released in 2015, admits that he may have exaggerated a little. The actor, who stated that he was going through difficult processes, continued his words as follows:

Specter ended filming with a broken leg. So I had to step aside and think. I asked myself if I wanted to do these processes again. I felt like I needed a break. However, at this point, I may have exaggerated a little and been ungrateful.

Daniel Craig, who stated that he needed to express himself better, explained that he was joking. The veteran actor, who, due to his past remarks, does not seem to enjoy James Bond movies, stated that this is not the case. However, the delay of the movie No Time to Die made things very difficult.

Daniel Craig: “James Bond shouldn’t be a woman”

Continuing his striking statements, Daniel Craig made another surprising statement. While rumors for the next Bond character continued, the successful actor did not hesitate to comment on this issue. Especially referring to the allegations of female actresses, Craig does not think the same with the fans.

James Bond should not be played by women or actors of color. Because these people need to be given much better roles. Why would they be James Bond when better roles could be drawn for women? Is it because they are women?

After the comments that may cause controversy, the response of the cinema world is a matter of curiosity. Especially with the increasing allegations recently, the next actor who plays James Bond is eagerly awaited. Let’s see what developments will meet us in the coming days.

So how did you find Daniel Craig’s explanations? Do you think the successful name is right in what he says especially about female actors? Do not forget to share your views with us.