The lead actor of Prey had no idea that she was auditioning for a role in the movie Predator


Prey star Amber Midtander says she had no idea she was auditioning for a role in the film Predator. Released in 1987, the film “Predator” became a major hit, introducing the audience to the Dutchman Arnold Schwarzenegger and his team of commandos fighting with a deadly alien in the jungles of South America. The film spawned a franchise that included Predator 2, Predators and, most recently, Predator. The fifth Predator movie, Prey, is due out on Hulu later this week.

Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, whose only feature film is 10 Cloverfield Lane, “Prey” tells the story of Naru (Midthunder), a female Comanche warrior who fights to protect her tribe from one of the first predators to land on Earth. The initial trailers for the film teased an action-packed, blood-soaked departure from the more modern settings of all the other Predator films. Midtander previously described what preparing for the role is like, detailing the grueling 4-week training course that the actors took for the film, which still wasn’t enough. Initial critical reaction suggests that all this training has paid off: “Prey” has been named the best Predator movie since the original, with special praise for playing Midtander.

Now, in a new interview with Film Updates, Midthunder continues her audition process, revealing that initially she had no idea it was the Predator movie she was auditioning for. The actress explains that all she knew was that the film would be directed by Trachtenberg, and that it would be about a Comanche woman who wanted to become a hunter. Midtander says she was immediately interested in the role only because of Trachtenberg’s involvement and that she ended up going through quite a lengthy audition process before even knowing it was a Predator movie. Check out the full Midthunder comment below:

“I first auditioned in February 2020 and had no idea what kind of movie it was. All I knew was that it was a movie about a young Comanche woman who wanted to be a hunter, and that it was directed by Dan [Trachtenberg]. I’m a big fan of him, so for me it was enough to be very interesting. And then it went away because of COVID, came back, and at a trial audition we prepared scenes in English, Comanche, and then he asked me to do a scene without words at all. And we also had the physical part of our test audition. So he set up something like an obstacle course and asked us to go through it in an image.”

Considering that Trachtenberg’s previous film “Cloverfield Lane, 10” was a success with both viewers and critics, as well as the fact that he also directed episodes of “Boys” and “Black Mirror”, it is not surprising that Midtander was interested in collaborating with him. Also, even without the “Predator” element, the premise of “Prey” is different from most other major films coming out today. Focusing on highlighting Comanche culture and the Comanche language certainly makes the film interesting even without including the iconic Predator.

Although Midthunder doesn’t explain what her reaction was when she found out Prey was a Predator movie, the announcement that she was about to become part of a major Hollywood franchise was most likely a pleasant surprise. Critical reactions to Prey suggest that Midthunder’s leap of faith regarding the mysterious role has paid off. It’s a pity that the film is not being released in theaters, but Prey is ready to present a completely new look at the alien Predator and introduce a new action hero that the franchise has not seen yet.


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