The Latest Xbox Sale Offers Big Discounts on Open-world Games


Microsoft offers a lot of huge discounts on great open-world games and other Xbox games. Prices are reduced by up to 90% depending on the titles, including many fan favorites of the past years. Discounted prices range from a few dollars to $17.99. Deals are available in the Microsoft online store, and the campaign lasts ten days. However, there are also Spotlight offers that are only available for three days, and others that require an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Among the games there are some of the best open world games, such as Mass Effect: Andromeda with a 65% discount, Red Dead Redemption 2 with a 60% discount and GTA 5 with a 50% discount. Other names are discounted up to 80% or even 90%. These include Watch Dogs 2, a Gold Edition with an excellent 80% discount, and Need For Speed Payback, a Gift edition that costs only $2.99 after a monumental 90% discount.

Although many of the discounts offered are aimed at open-world games, the campaign extends to different genres. Currently, discounts are available for more than three hundred games in the Microsoft store, although only some of them relate to the 10-day campaign. Battlefield 2042 role-playing game, BioWare Dragon Age role-playing game: The Inquisition and the action adventure Castlevania: Shadow Lords, partially produced by Hideo Kojima.

While many of the best discounts are for games that are several years old, there are a few that Microsoft has included in this year’s releases. The vampire: Masquerade story role—playing game is a beautiful escape from the big bad wolf — with a 30% discount, the F1 racing simulator for Xbox One 22 is with a 35% discount, and the action RPG dolmen is with a 50% discount. The most impressive discounts include the following.

Mad Max: $4.99 – 75% discount on Metal Gear Solid 5 – $5.99 – 80% discount on Dragon Age: Inquisition — Game of the Year Edition $7.99 – 80% discount on the final edition of Dead Island $3.99 – 80% discount on Saints Row 4: Re-elected & Gat from Hell $5.99 — 80% discount on the Kingdom has Come: Deliverance — Royal Edition $7.99 — 80% discount on Dog Watch 2 — Gold Edition $17.99 — 80% discount on Hello everyone! $4.99 — 83% discount on Saints Row 4: Re—Elected $2.99 – 85% discount on Just Summon 3 2.99 – 85% on the Whole World of the Seeker Gift Edition 13.49 – 85% on Middle-earth: Shadows of War $7.49 – 85% discount on Agents of Chaos $1.99 – 90% discount on Agents of Chaos – general chaos -packs 2.99 – $90% discount on the need for payback speed — Deluxe edition $2.99 — 90% discount %

Microsoft has also added some discounts exclusively for Xbox Live Gold. Such games include the role-playing game Xeno version of Dragon Ball, for which subscribers receive a 90% discount. both for free for subscribers, and for free for subscribers a Game pass for Xbox. These include games such as Dead by Daylight, the Standard Edition of Mortal Kombat 11, Batman: Arkham Knight and the Legendary Mass Effect Edition.


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