The latest Windows 10 update is out of the PC

The latest Windows update is causing some printer owners to have problems. According to the news of Windows Latest and Gizmodo; Users who open the print window in Notepad, Office and other programs see a blue screen. Blue screen also means the PC has encountered a problem and needs to be restarted.

Microsoft says it is aware of the problem that printing on the PC under certain conditions can cause a blue screen problem. He also listed this error on the Windows 10 Support page. The company has not released a fix for this issue at this time. On the website, “We are currently investigating and we will provide an update when more information becomes available.” The statement is included.

It is not known how wide this problem has spread to the user base. However, the Windows Latest site says it has encountered error reports from many users. This bug likely targets multiple printer brands, including Kyocera, Ricoh, and Zebra. According to a reader’s comment on the site, at least 20 confirmed cases from four different customers were cited, and they only came in the first hour of the day.

Windows users are also expressing their complaints on Reddit. “This problem has been confirmed on four computers.” said. Another commenter said, “We just received 3 calls from customers who had the same problem.” said.

If you run into this problem, the easiest solution is to roll back the latest Windows update. To do this, go to Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update> View Update History> Uninstall Updates> Uninstall or manually uninstall the patch from Command Line. Some Reddit users have confirmed that this solved their problem.

A user claiming to be a Microsoft employee has posted two workarounds that have confirmed working by those who commented on Reddit. You can enable direct printing in the Command Line or use the Compatibility Manager tool to apply a fix, depending on the application you are running. Both processes are complex, so in case you want to try it out, your best bet is to read the Reddit review carefully.



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