The latest FIFA game leaked online


The separation of EA Sports from FIFA has left players with many questions about the latest FIFA title, FIFA 23. Fortunately, key details about FIFA 23 have appeared online, as the Microsoft Store prematurely publishes a new game.

Rumors of a split between EA Sports and FIFA went back in March 2022. EA Sports will confirm the termination of the partnership with FIFA in May this year, when the company renamed the leading series of football titles to EA Sports FC. However, the final FIFA name will be developed by EA Sports for 2022, FIFA 23. In 2023, EA Sports FC will release various modes from the FIFA series, such as VOLTA, Career mode and the widely successful Ultimate Team mode. . Cam Weber, executive vice president of EA Sports, said the new game will mark a “new era” for world soccer games next year.

According to a well-known insider Aggiornamenti Lumia, FIFA 23 is listed in the Microsoft Store with a release date set for September 30, 2022. Before the launch, there will be a closed beta testing for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. In addition, the cover of the game depicts Kylian Mbappe from PSG front and center, as in FIFA 22. Images of the FIFA 23 cover and store listings made by the author were subsequently removed due to copyright claims. Fortunately, an in-game screenshot of Manchester City with the recently signed Erling Haaland remains available.

Many new details about FIFA 23 will be revealed in the coming months. EA has previously stated that the latest FIFA game will be the “best ever” with more features, game modes, World Cup content and more. It is expected that FIFA 23 will also have the most players in one FIFA squad. The new features of FIFA 23 will probably determine what happens in 2023 with the first part of EA Sports FC.

Leaks related to FIFA 23 give a first glimpse of the game’s release and what players should expect. Annual games, such as FIFA, make gradual improvements to game systems and mechanics, improving the familiar FIFA experience. Since the game has leaked through the Microsoft Store, EA Sports is probably preparing to share the news with its community of players very soon.

On the other hand, FIFA 23 should give the impression of the latest FIFA game from EA Sports. The game serves as an early benchmark for EA Sports FC, and EA must prove why the rebranding will be successful. FIFA is a well—known name in the world of sports, and in 2023 it will become a competitor for EA Sports FC.

FIFA 23 is expected to be released later in 2022.