The latest examples of the PS5 and Xbox Series X genres?


The game industry is a rapidly developing sector, with increasing realism, players need better equipped consoles. However, it can be difficult for consoles to catch the development of games. Some analysts must have seen this that they made an exciting prediction for cloud-based consoles.

Can cloud-based consoles replace physical consoles?

Cloud-based gaming services such as GeForce Now and Google Stadia connect to remote computers via an internet connection. The connected computer field transmits the broadcast of the game to us live. In fact, this process, which takes place very far, is based on not making the player feel the difference. The biggest obstacle to using this technology today may be the quality of the internet connection. For example, while latency values ​​are very important in a competitive game, playing games via a remote computer is unacceptable for FPS players.

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Physical machines with powerful hardware are currently the only way to play games. According to analysts, the next generation will be fully cloud-based consoles. Worldwide average internet speed rises, if latency values ​​decrease, players can experience the same by paying less. In fact, as a plus of this system, we do not have to change consoles every few years, and this will bring great benefits to game producers.

With the widespread use of new technologies such as 5G, cloud-based gaming systems are sure to rise. Perhaps in the next generation (like PlayStation 6) things will be running entirely on the internet. Although this technology is possible now, as we have stated, it requires both high internet speed and low latency.

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It seems that the fate of acting will depend on the development of the internet.


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