The latest Atomic Heart trailer is dedicated to combat


Since its debut in 2017, Mundfish’s upcoming first-person RPG shooter, Atomic Heart, has been in the spotlight while developers have been trying to get the game ready for launch. A new gameplay trailer has been released, which allows fans to take a deeper look at the action-packed battle that Atomic Heart will throw players into.

The action of “Atomic Heart” takes place in an alternative version of the Soviet Union in 1955. Robotics and technology developed exponentially, and this advance served as a boon, as the Soviet Union managed to fight back and defeat Germany in World War II. it was replaced by robots with further improvements that managed to link the mentioned robots together into one collective mind, which eventually turns against the creators. Players take on the role of a mentally unstable KGB agent tasked with finding out the cause of fraudulent behavior, with the help of the newest trailer demonstrating how strong the Atomic Heart will be when players confront robot opponents.

The trailer, set to a catchy Soviet-themed tune, gives players an extended look at the battles with various robots and a look at the various places in which players will fight. KGB Agent P-3 will have access to the standard variety of weapons that can be seen in a typical FPS, but he also has access to unique weapons enhanced with robotic technology. P-3 will also be able to take advantage of unique abilities similar to the plasmids from BioShock, as he can shoot a stream of ice or use a form of telekinesis to lift groups of enemies to disorient them.

In the middle of the trailer, the memorable theme of the Soviet Union turns into an epic Doom-inspired sermon, composed by Mick Gordon himself, as the battle gathers momentum. The standard robot food is starting to increase in size, and the standard P-3 armament can only scratch the surface of some of the monsters that are waiting for it. All this is perfectly demonstrated, since Atomic Heart will use ray tracing on a PC, pushing Unreal Engine 4 to the limit.

The latest Atomic Heart trailer shows more of what fans expected from the game. The development team has not yet determined the release date of the Soviet BioShock, however, despite numerous reports of delays in the release of Atomic Heart, Mundfish still plans to release the game later this year.

The release of Atomic Heart is scheduled for 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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