The Late Singer Aaron Carter, Who Called Kanye West a “Dumb Ass,” Also Wanted to Help Him


The sudden death of Aaron Carter shocked everyone. The singer recently expressed a desire to help Kanye West. The Gold Digger singer has been a topic of general discussion in the last few weeks. Mainly because of his infamous social media presence, which has caused a negative reaction from celebrities as well as partner brands.

West also has many fans in the music industry who have expressed a desire to help him, despite disagreeing with his point of view. Aaron Carter was one of those artists. The 34-year-old rapper mysteriously died on November 5. But just the day before, just a couple of days before, he expressed his opinion.

What did Aaron Carter say about Kanye West?

Aaron Carter had a lot to say about Kanye West. The singer appeared on the podcast just a few days before his sudden death. During the No Jumper podcast, the host touched on the topic of singer Donda. To which Carter said, “I hesitated about Kanye for a minute,” and also added that he would sing a song with Kanye anyway: “I can give you an intellectual conversation about how stupid you are, damn it.” – like me.” Singer Aaron’s Party did not agree with Ye’s political position and views, like most other celebrities.

Especially when West appeared at Lakme Fashion Week in a White Lives Matter T-shirt with Candice Owens. Carter mentioned how the Black Lives Matter movement was created for people of color who faced prejudice. Having worked with black artists, he understands their pain. So, naturally, he condemned the incident when the rapper compared himself to George Floyd.

Meanwhile, Hilary Duff, who once dated Aaron Carter, wrote a heartfelt post about him, hoping for the best for his family. Backstreet Boys vocalist Nick Carter was Aaron’s brother and is also grieving the loss. The singer was found dead in a bathtub with inhalants next to him, but the cause of death has not yet been specified. Kanye West has not yet commented on Carter’s opinion, as well as his death.

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