The last season of the series is not yet on Netflix.


The creators of NCIS have said that these episodes will go ahead as planned, rather than being broadcast like Season 18 that has already been confirmed by the network.

CBS signed a deal with Netflix US in 2011, allowing the service to stream new seasons of NCIS. This contract expired in 2013, but was renewed, so the last episodes of the crime drama were still available to watch on Netflix.

However, the contract has already expired and NCIS Season 16 that originally started in 2018 nor Season 17 are available to watch on the platform. The last series viewers can watch on Netflix is ​​season 15.

One likely reason that none of the past NCIS seasons have been released on the streaming service could be the release of CBS All Access. This is the network’s own streaming platform that made its debut in 2014.

The service features new and exclusive content, and last year CBS’s Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods series were removed from Netflix indicating that NCIS could go the same way.

There has been no official confirmation that NCIS is leaving Netflix but it turns out that there will be no more seasons on that platform, instead they will be on CBS All Access which is currently only available to those who live in the US.

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