The Last of Us: Yoji Shinkawa Author of Spectacular Art


Yoji Shinkawa, a longtime artist with Hideo Kojima, captures his vision of the Naughty Dog franchise in a beautiful piece.

A few days ago Naughty Dog announced that Outbreak Day, the commemorative day of The Last of Us, would be renamed simply The Last of Us Day, because of the coronavirus, and in which we could learn many news about the franchise. Among them we were able to discover new figures or a board game, but not everything was said, or rather, drawn, and the prestigious artist Yoji Shinkawa, known for regularly accompanying Hideo Kojima, has produced this beautiful piece of art based on the title of the Californian study.

Thus, with the peculiar style that has made the Japanese artist famous and that we have enjoyed in games like Death Stranding or, above all, the Metal Gear saga, Shinkawa presents the main protagonists of The Last of Us Part II, such as Joel, Ellie and Abby. A piece that deserves to pose as a mobile screensaver

The Last of Us Day

As we said before, in this link you can discover all the news related to The Last of Us, among which are not only those mentioned above, but also new posters, a vinyl with the soundtrack and a free dynamic theme that can now be downloaded on PlayStation 4. Naughty Dog even released a cosplay guide to put yourself in the shoes of Abby, antagonist? main game.

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