The Last of Us: Season 1 of the series has number of episodes revealed


The Last of Us: Craig Mazin, producer of the HBO series The Last of Us, revealed that the first season will have ten episodes. During his appearance on the Scriptnotes podcast, Mazin confirmed that the show will also have more directors involved in production, though the full list has yet to be revealed. For now, Kantemir Balagov, a Russian filmmaker known as Beanpole, has been confirmed as director of the pilot episode.

The direction also includes Jasmila Zbanic, from Still, and Ali Abbasi, from Border.

Also during the podcast, the producer revealed that the script for three or four episodes has already been completed. During this stage of production, those involved in the project are focused on budgeting and defining the costumes and visual characteristics of each character.

Learn more about The Last of Us series

The HBO series is inspired by the eponymous video game released on the PlayStation 3 in 2013. The plot follows Joel Miller on his quest to try and save the world. The character is tasked with taking Ellie, a girl immune to the virus that has ravaged the world, out of a quarantine zone, embarking on a deadly trajectory to find a cure.

The show’s cast features Pedro Pascal, as Joel, and Bella Ramsey, as Ellie. Meanwhile, Nico Parker will play Sarah, Joel’s daughter, and Gabriel Luna will play Tommy, the protagonist’s brother. In addition to Craig Mazin’s production, the production team also features Neil Druckmann as screenwriter and producer.

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