The Last of Us Players Are Afraid of One Particular Sequence in the Remake


The Last of Us is full of tension and tension against human bandits and mushroom-infested monsters. This is sure to be reinforced only in The Last of Us Part 1, which is said to recycle and rebuild all the artificial intelligence systems of the original game in the gameplay.

Joel is usually well armed if the players remembered the periodic updates of the workbench, but it’s still stupid to rush into battle recklessly, especially if there are clickers or bloating nearby. Now that these encounters will behave more comparable to The Last of Us 2, players will need to consider a lot of things when they receive the game this September, in particular the fact that these encounters will not be exactly the same as they remembered. . Recently, one of the fans told which episode they are most afraid to return to in the remake.

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Twitter user DomTheBombYT stated how upset they would be when they got to a certain scene in Pittsburgh. All the user has to show to illustrate the sequence is its special generator, which generates stalkers and bloats in the dilapidated and spore—infested part of the hotel, where Joel enters after being separated from Ellie. This scene can be incredibly stressful as players have to prepare and fend off a host of enemies waiting to ambush them, and DomTheBombYT fears that this sequence could be even more frightening with the new AI in The Last of Us Part 1.

Players have certain strategies for this sequence, such as when to take a hotel key card or interact with a generator, causing enemies to appear. But all fans know that artificial intelligence and other gameplay changes can be implemented in The Last of Us Part 1, completely rethinking this and many other meetings.

Stalkers in The Last of Us 2, for example, are much more aggressive, and the fights will certainly be redesigned, and Joel’s melee will probably resemble Abby’s fight. It’s unclear if the level design will change accordingly to accommodate these remake changes. But this may also be the case, and thus the layout of the levels for this part of the hotel will be different and will disrupt the players’ nostalgic muscle memory of the sequence.

As a result, some significant changes may be made to The Last of Us, Part 1, and eventually some parts of the game will seem completely new, depending on how much they have been redesigned. Since then, other fans have shared which episodes they fear the most, with some referring to a late-game underground tunnel in Salt Lake City, a sniper evasion scene in the suburbs, and a sewer scene where Joel and Sam were trapped in a makeshift children’s area with stalkers.

The release of The Last of Us Part 1 is scheduled for September 2 on PS5. A PC port is also in development.