The Last of Us: Pedro Pascal Will Have a Millionaire Salary in The Series


The Last of Us: By now, many already know that the main cast for The Last of Us series on HBO is closed. But do you have any idea how much each actor will earn to bring their role to life? At least in the case of Pedro Pascal, who will play Joel, these figures will be quite high.

According to Variety, Pascal earned $600,000 (about R$3 million in direct conversion) per season one episode, which counts for 10 – so a total of $6 million if he appears in every episode (and at this point we believe it’s hard not to). To give you an idea of ​​comparison, Henry Cavill makes $400,000 for each episode of The Witcher on Netflix.

Another important detail recently revealed is the fact that the first season of the series (which still has no date set to premiere) will apparently cost something around $100 million for HBO – and of this total, it seems that 6% of the value goes only to the protagonist of the project.


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