The Last of Us Part 3 Needs Ellie To Face the Dilemma of Sacrifice


Naughty Dog has not yet announced The Last of Us Part 3, but if it is released, it would be nice if she faced Ellie’s biggest moral dilemma. The next Naughty Dog project from the TLOU series is a remake of the first part called The Last of Us Part 1. One would expect that the PlayStation—owned studio would release a sequel to The Last of Us Part 2 at some point, and for this a story based on Ellie’s journey through the previous two games.

[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The Last of Us series.]

Joel and Ellie make up the heart of The Last of Us, but the complex moral dilemmas underlying it have made it an eternal classic. The difficult decisions they face in their post-apocalyptic world, thanks to well-thought-out, related characters, seem unique and personal. The basis of the whole series was Ellie’s immunity, a sign of hope in the first game, but completely inappropriate due to Joel’s actions in the hospital. The main narrative of The Last of Us Part 2 follows the consequences of these actions, but also puts Ellie in a unique dilemma. Starting with the appeal of her best friend and in love with Riley, the guilt of the surviving Ellie gave rise to the need to prove that her immunity was given to her for a reason. Throughout the story of TLOU Part 1, she embarks on a long and dangerous journey with Joel to achieve this goal. When she tells Joel in their last conversation together, Ellie has robbed her of the opportunity to provide the vaccine, and Ellie feels that he has robbed her life of meaning.

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This creates a unique opportunity for The Last of Us Part 3 to finally solve the dilemma of Ellie’s victim. At the end of TLOU Part 2, Ellie and Abby part ways, and Ellie returns home. While the cycle of violence between them has ended, Ellie’s basic emotional dilemma remains unresolved.

Ellie needs to confront her savior complex in “The Last of Us 3”

One of the ways that Part 3 can handle this is to bring back the ability to make a vaccine. Ellie’s savior complex developed due to the fact that the choice to give her life was made for her by Joel in the first “One of Us”, and, for good or bad, she just has to pick up the pieces. If the choice was to resurface now, Ellie would finally have the prerogative to decide if she was willing to make that sacrifice. For the first time, Ellie was a child who didn’t have any attachments to think twice before giving up. Since Ellie is supposed to reunite with Dina and JJ at the end of Part 2, Ellie will now have to choose whether to leave them, which makes the stakes much higher.

Alternatively, Part 3 may move away from the concept of immunity and help Ellie overcome her dilemma. For her, self-sacrifice is an easy way out. All her emotional and physical injuries will finally be justified. She could offer something important to the destroyed world, and she would be remembered for it. “The Last of Us, part 3” it can help Ellie turn around and realize that her immunity is just a gift, and not the reason why she is giving up her life. Thanks to the love and support of Dina and her friends, Ellie was finally able to find a new meaning and get rid of the trauma that the terrible events in the hospital left on her shoulders.

Series creator Neil Drakmann recently confirmed that he and co-writer Hallie Gross have created a draft for The Last of Us Part 3. At the moment, it is unknown whether the game will come to life and whether it will be dedicated to Ellie at all. Even if Part 3 never sees the light of day, players will have the opportunity to relive the events with which Ellie began her emotional journey when The Last of Us, Part I, is released on September 9.


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