The Last Of Us Part 2: PS5 DualSense Improvements In The Game Explained


The Last Of Us Part 2: The title’s co-director breaks down how the haptic feedback of the PlayStation controller has changed in this and other backward-compatible games. Kurt Margenau, co-director of The Last of Us Part II, explained how improvements have been made to the DualSense after the update of the title from PS4 to PS5 as well as in other video games of the previous generation of consoles. The patch, now available for free download, lets you enjoy Naughty Dog’s adventure at 60 FPS; however, vibration based haptic feedback with the DualSense controller as well. Why?

The PS5 DualSense was updated in April with improvements to haptic feedback.

As Margenau explains in a thread through the social network Twitter, it was in April when Sony applied a mandatory update for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. This new firmware enabled improvements in the cadence, intensity and sensitivity of the textures so that the Trigger feedback, that famous haptic feedback or response, was truly noticeable in backward compatible PS4 games.

As the internal structure of the DualShock 4 (PS4) and the DualSense (PS5) are different, the backward compatible PS4 titles in the new generation of Sony needed a process of adaptation on the part of the developers. With this new firmware the controller has no longer been necessary. Naughty Dog hasn’t had to intervene to get more out of the DualSense’s vibration motors.

Broadly speaking, the patch makes the PS5’s DualSense emulate the behavior of the DualShock, but with a much greater frequency range thanks to its technological improvements.

It should be said, not in vain, that by default on PC the titles that use the DualSense do not take advantage of the controller technology (adaptive triggers and haptic response); it is necessary for programmers to configure it manually. Metro Exodus, for example, has just been updated in its PC version to take advantage of it.

Hopefully, in the future, other PS4 titles backward compatible on PS5 with improvements will be able to squeeze the possibilities of the DualSense controller with greater sensitivity. Fans wish God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone, Gran Turismo Sport or Horizon Zero Dawn to have this same luck soon.


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