The Last Of Us Part 2 Is An Absolute Hit: Over 200 Goty


Although 2021 has just begun, the assignments of various awards related to the best productions of last year are still in progress.

Well, despite last year having seen the gaming market conquered by multiple productions, ranging from the remake of Final Fantasy VII Remake to DOOM Eternal, passing through the unstoppable Animal Crossing: New Horizons or the surprising Hades, there is a game that most of all it has established itself incontrovertibly: The Last of Us Part 2 . The latest masterpiece signed by Naughty Dog , with the power of the story that sees Joel and Ellie return as protagonists on the screen and its engaging gameplay, has in fact emerged triumphant from the awards season.

At the dawn of the new year, a report by the Game Awards portal reported more than 160 awards for The Last of Us Part 2 . Now, the updated figures paint an even brighter picture, with the exclusive PlayStation 4 capable of winning a whopping 210 awards in total ! Of these, 145 were awarded by specialized critics, while the remaining 65 were awarded by the player community. A success across the board, which we do not know, however, if it will translate into a new chapter of the series: would you like to see The Last of Us Part 3 arrive on PlayStation 5?

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