The Last of Us Part 2 and Uncharted 4 merge universe


Still at the end of the past, developer Rodney Reece revealed that when he worked at Naughty Dog, he made a point of putting an Uncharted easter in The Last of Us, but that no one had found it so far. That well-hidden secret was Sully’s plane that was broken in the middle of the beach.

Another very cool reference is a newspaper found in Uncharted 4 that spoke of a fungus that could infect humans, that is, the exact plague that plagued the characters in the post-apocalyptic franchise. Except that by the way The Last of Us Part 2 continued to follow this tradition and has yet another easter egg on Uncharted.

This time, fans have discovered that the pharmacy brand we see throughout Ellie’s adventure is an establishment that had already been referenced in Uncharted 4. In Nathan Drake’s game, there is a moment when you can pick up a container of medicine and on the label we see the “Weston’s Pharmacy”.

This pharmacy appears on the DLC of the first The Last of Us when Ellie and her friend Riley explore the establishment, but it also appears as an optional location in the second game when our protagonist is going to a hospital. It really is a detail for the most attentive players, not least because it passed a long time unnoticed.

Considering that, you can imagine that there are even more mysteries and secrets hidden in the two franchises to show the connections between them and how everything is going on in the same world. Comment below if you have already found one of these references in one of the games!

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