The Last of Us Part 1: Should the sequel get its own lifespan of several generations?


The first of us, Part 1, has been a relatively hot topic since its first leaks. There has always been considerable excitement about the PS5 remake and the obvious visual improvements that would be possible thanks to the current generation of hardware, but there has also been a lot of debate about the reasons for its necessity or desirability. . Much of this discourse concerns whether “One of Us, Part 1” is extortion, with arguments from both sides being reasonably supported.

Of course, the remake is coming out this week, and fans have a choice. Many of the early reviews of The Last of Us Part 1 rave about it being the best way to play the game, and some mention the fact that it’s basically the same experience. Now that “Some of Us, Part 1” marks the third release for a standalone game, regardless of how much it has been improved or improved as a remaster or remake, the question arises whether this trend will be passed on to its sequel, “The Last of Us 2”.

The Last of Us has almost 10 years and three generations of consoles

It would be hard to deny the influence of The Last of Us or the fan base, and his life in several generations is a vivid demonstration of this. Originally released on PS3, then redesigned for PS4 and remade for PS5, its reach has been expanded as much as possible to satisfy a new audience and take advantage of new hardware capabilities.

The Last of Us Part 1 is positioned as a remake, in which much more work has been invested than a remaster can entail, and now, basically, fans have to determine whether there are enough features and content in it to sell them or not. . Rather, enthusiastic fans of The Last of Us who still like the original game will probably be happy to play another remaster, remake, or any other iteration that Naughty Dog is developing, if that means they can play it again.

The remake can enjoy the technologically advanced bells and whistles of the current generation consoles, but despite all the rebuilt scaling and undeniable detail, The Last of Us Part 1 still intends to remain true to the PS3 game. Thus, The Last of Us Part 1 will always be held back by the thought that there could have been more of it if it hadn’t been decided to keep so many functions and mechanics. It’s interesting to note that fans of The Last of Us don’t seem to be tired, although this may be a result of the fact that there were only two games in the franchise.

However, after the release of the remake, technically fans will be able to purchase four separate games, despite the fact that three of them are the same game. In addition, the HBO series “One of Us” is also an interesting demonstration of how fans are constantly excited that Joel and Ellie’s tragic adventure will be revisited.

The Last of Us certainly has mechanics that can be considered obsolete since it was released back in 2013. But The Last of Us 2, which was released on the PS4 of the previous generation, and not on the PS5 of the current generation, is a completely different matter. . There is currently no reason to believe that “The Last of Us 2” should also get its own legs for several generations, but fans may not have expected this to happen with the original game either. We hope Naughty Dog will avoid such a trend with The Last of Us.

Naughty Dog should focus efforts on new entries or IP addresses

The Last of Us 2 has achieved new successes that not only surpassed the original, but also redefined what interactivity and accessibility options are possible in games. At the moment, of course, it can be argued that The Last of Us 2 does not need a remaster or remake, but the same has been said about The Last of Us since its initial launch in 2013.

Especially compared to the early remaster of The Last of Us on PS4, there have been compelling arguments about how the remaster is comparable to the 2022 remake, at least in terms of accuracy. The environment of The Last of Us Part 1 is unmistakably improved due to completely new textures and the like, although screenshots comparing the appearance of certain character models are less distinguishable in terms of what is a remaster and what is a remake.

Characters like Tess from “The Last of Us” have seen a massive face model change on the PS5 with redesigned facial animation, but the reason fans may not be completely impressed with the other models in the remake may be because they’ve seen these models before. Characters like Joel and Tommy may not look so much to fans, as they were last seen with the same models in The Last of Us 2.

It is unknown what the future of The Last of Us will look like, apart from its nameless multiplayer game, but with three unique parts of the original part, perhaps the same fate will befall The Last of Us 2. It wouldn’t be a positive or negative thing to happen, but due to the ambiguous and ambivalent perception that fans have expressed, continuing to release remasters and remakes is likely to be controversial if Naughty Dog can’t fully justify its decision to do so.

Instead, Naughty Dog may wish to abandon this formula after the release of The Last of Us Part 1 to avoid the idea that generational remakes are its new modus operandi. New IP addresses and games are already in Naughty Dog’s future, as Neil Drakmann teased, and this may be Naughty Dog’s best plan of action.

The Last of Us Part 1 is released on September 2, 2022 for PS5, a PC version is also in development.


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