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University | Go Big Horns University | Science Building

After the emotional heights of the previous segment of The Last of Us Part 1, the seventh chapter offers a short break in the tense tension between the devteragonists of the game. While the couple is looking for Fireflies, perhaps the only hope to find a vaccine against the cordyceps infection that has affected the population, they are sent to the university by the former brother of Firefly and Joel, Tommy. This chapter of The Last of Us Part 1 offers many wonderful sights and exciting trophies, such as new weapons and artifacts, but it also turns out to be very dangerous for those who are not prepared.

During a relatively quiet chapter, Ellie and Joel can have several conversations about their search and life before the Day of the Outbreak, which allows for a better understanding of the character’s state of mind. You can also find a lot of additional conversations between the pair that will reward the player with unlockable additions and progress towards the “Getting to Know You” trophy. This guide will show players where to find all three additional dialogs available in this chapter.

University | Go to the Big Horns
Conversation 1 of 2

On your way to the university on horseback, walk past the investigated campus building with a flamethrower on the right and jump over the barbed wire barrier; look for the big Bighorns banner and the mascot drawing on the brick wall on the left. Driving up to him, you will cause an invitation to a conversation.

Conversation 2 of 2

After entering the main square with the statue and seeing the monkeys, follow the left or right path in the far corners to pass on. Before going through another blocked tunnel to the dorms, there are three places where Ellie can point out the Firefly graffiti that Joel can talk about.

One is located along the left red brick wall of the rightmost path, the other is right in front of the last one, and the last one is to the left of the blocked tunnel.

University | Scientific Building
Conversation 1 of 1

Later, the duo will climb into the science building using a trash can and make their way through several empty corridors. Going out on the veranda, they will make their way to the lobby by the stairs. Here Joel and Ellie can find a clipboard on some boxes on the right that the player can interact with.

The Last of Us Part 1 is currently available on PS5 and is in development for PC.


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