The Last of Us, Part 1: All Firefly Suspensions — Pittsburgh


In the world of The Last of Us Part 1, players can discover many forgotten remnants of the world and the last 20 years that have passed since the outbreak of cordyceps brain infection. Among the notes left by long-dead scavengers, sharp-sighted players can find numerous Firefly pendants left by many revolutionaries who died in the fight for the vaccine. As Ellie and Joel approach their destination in The Last of Us, Part 1, exploring uncharted trails, players will receive these pendants and a trophy for collecting them.

In the fourth chapter, “The Last of Us, Part 1,” the duo arrives in Pittsburgh, where they are ambushed by a group of Hunters who want to raid their gear. To escape from the city, the couple must walk through the treacherous city streets, fighting hordes of enemies and fighting all kinds of infected. This guide will show players where to find all three Firefly pendants in this chapter for the “Look for the Light” trophy.

Pittsburgh | Lonely and abandoned

Suspension 1 of 1 | Kazden Risk

After the first ambush, Ellie and Joel will go through the apartments before going outside again. After dealing with several Hunters and getting over the bus blocking the checkpoint of the quarantine zone, the couple will find themselves at a large bookstore acting as a combat zone. After killing the Hunters, return to the entrance of the store and enter the alley to the left of the building; the Kazden Risk Firefly pendant is located at the back of the trash pile.

Pittsburgh | Hotel Lobby

Suspension 1 of 1 | Colby Reed

Much later in this chapter, Ellie and Joel break up at the hotel. Reunited in the cut scene, follow Ellie through several corridors to the exit. Before you leave, enter the women’s bathroom in the corridor on the left. This pendant can be found in one of the kiosks.

Pittsburgh | Escape from the city

Suspension 1 of 1 | Lucas Rios

Even later, after escaping the persistent APC, Ellie and Joel will meet two new characters, Henry and Sam. After passing the toy store with them, the group will fight with several more Hunters and head to another building. Henry will open the door on the right side of the corridor leading to the shelter; before entering, go to the bathroom opposite and find the pendant in the stall on the left.

The Last of Us Part 1 is currently available for PS5 and is in development for PC.


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