The Last of Us: Nico Parker To Play Sarah On The HBO Series


The Last of Us: The cast of the popular PlayStation video game series The Last of Us is getting closer and closer to completion. According to information from the Deadline website, actress Nico Parker (Dumbo) has joined the cast of the new HBO series in the role of young Sarah Miller, who is the daughter of protagonist Joel.

Who is Sarah Miller?

In The Last of Us game, the character doesn’t have a very long presence, as she is murdered at the beginning of the story. Sarah is shot by a soldier and dies in her father’s arms. Her death has a significant impact on Joel and important to his relationship with Ellie.

It is not yet known how the plot of the series will portray the character, but perhaps one can hope for a tragic ending to the role played by Nico.

Casting and production of The Last of Us

In the series’ cast, Nico joins Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones), Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian), Gabriel Luna (Agents of SHIELD) and Merle Dandridge (The Fligth Attendent), who play, respectively, Ellie, Joel, Tommy and Marlene.

The show is the brainchild of Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and Neil Druckmann, who is also one of the show’s developers and responsible for creating the video game script. The series, on the other hand, is being written together by the two creators, who seek to unite the universe of seventh art with the world of games.

The expectation is that some new things will appear in the HBO series, as Druckmann himself confirmed that some things that were cut out of the game should be better explored throughout the series.

The Last of Us still doesn’t have a date for the premiere or the beginning of the recordings.


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