The Last of Us: HBO Series Has Neil Druckmann As Director


Those keeping an eye on what HBO is doing with The Last of Us will certainly appreciate a piece of information recently released by Comic Book: Neil Druckmann, who directed both titles in the franchise, will also be working on the series.

According to the website (something that was also reported on The Last of Us HBO Twitter profile after the registration made in the Directors Guild of Canada), Druckmann will be one of the executive producers of the project, as well as acting as a director and also writing the screenplay for some episodes alongside Craig Mazin – who previously had his name associated with the Chernobyl series.

So far, it’s not known how many episodes of the series will feature the name of the game’s director in the credits, but that will certainly be an added bonus for those who were a little wary of where this project could go.

The Last of Us series still doesn’t have a set date to debut on HBO.


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