The Last of Us, featuring the discovered easter egg


While many people are looking for and finding easter eggs in The Last of Us Part II, there are some fans who are only now discovering secrets in the first The Last of Us. This happened recently with a new easter egg found seven years after the game’s release.

A YouTuber known as Anthony Caliber, who tends to speed up the game on Twitch, made a video demonstrating his discovery. In this case, this secret happens right at the beginning of The Last of Us and needs very specific actions to appear.

The funny thing is that the easter egg is not exactly that interesting, since it is just the image of an ant infected by Cordyceps, the same fungus that infects the rest of humanity in the game world. The image appears static on the TV at Joel’s house that you see when he is still in control of his daughter Sarah.

You can see how to make the ant appear in the video above, since you need to restart the same scene a few times and in specific sections for that. Other fans who saw the easter egg think this is a reference to one of the first teasers that Naughty Dog released about The Last of Us back in 2012.

In the teaser, we see the same infected ant and some strange sounds and screams after the screen goes black. Definitely the most interesting thing is that there are still things undiscovered in a relatively old game. Who knows what else is hidden there?


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