The Last of Us: everything we know about the TV series


We review all the data from one of the most anticipated series in the coming months, with Neil Druckmann himself in charge of the script.

Of all the television series based on video games – which are not a few precisely – that will be released in the coming months, one of the most anticipated is without a doubt The Last of Us, which is finally taking shape. Raised from its beginnings as a film, finally the license of Naughty Dog will arrive in several chapters on a date yet to be determined, since obviously, its filming has not even begun, having known during this week who will be the interpreters who will be put in the skin of its protagonists, Joel and Ellie. However, and despite the months that still lie ahead, we already have a good amount of data to collect on this very interesting and promising production. Let’s see them.

Who is behind the series?

Let’s start with what surely worries the fans the most, and it is the script, whose fidelity to the story we know is guaranteed, since it is Neil Druckmann himself, creative director of The Last of Us – along with Bruce Straley – and The Last of Us Part II, who will be in charge. Druckmann has to his credit the Best Direction award at The Game Awards 2020 for the second part, but we know that the story that the series will tell us will be set in the first game, or rather, it will be practically the same. But Druckmann will not be alone, and will collaborate directly with Craig Mazin, creator of the successful Chernobyl, and who therefore already has some experience in environments, so to speak, post-apocalyptic. Mazin has other lesser-known productions to his credit, but curiously he has also played the most absurd comedy in Scary Movie 4 and Superhero Movie, as well as the most successful Hangover 2: Now in Thailand.

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Behind the cameras will be an acquaintance of Mazin such as Johan Renck, director also of Chernobyl and in the past of some documentaries by music stars such as David Bowie or Madonna, but he will only make an appearance in the first chapter, due to incompatibility with other works , according to the official version. After that first episode, he will be taken over by the very young Russian – he is only 29 years old – Kantemir Balagov, better known for A Great Woman, set in the Russian city of Leningrad after World War II, but who has been able to be awarded in the Cannes Film Festival twice, both with their only two films: the aforementioned and Too Close (2017).


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