The Last of Us 3 shouldn’t kill Ellie


As the remake of The Last of Us Part 1 is being prepared in Naughty Dog and is almost ready for release, fans want to experience Joel and Ellie’s journey once again, this time with better tools in the form of tactile feedback and improved accessibility. Although the game will remain an adventure centered around Joel as the main playable character, both old and new players can go through the plot knowing that The Last of Us Part 2 is the place where Joel and Ellie’s paths diverge forever when they are attacked by an unknown woman and killed by a smuggler out of revenge. The Last of Us Part 3 may eventually repeat these plot threads and allow some characters to come out in emotional ways.

The franchise is known for how brutally sincere and heartbreaking the emotions that the characters experience can be, with a great example coming from Joel healing from his lifelong trauma by taking care of Ellie, and Ellie finally trusting someone after too many losses. That’s why Joel’s murder in the second part of “The Last of Us” was especially tragic for Ellie, because she lost many people she cared about. For her, the process of losing Joel began even before he was killed, and that’s because they quarreled over this man’s actions at the end of the first game. Since Ellie has already lost so much and suffered so much, “The Last of Us, Part 3” shouldn’t kill her.

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Why Ellie Should Live Throughout The Last of Us 3

Despite the fact that “One of Us, Part 1” was already quite difficult for a little girl, Ellie’s journey became even more gloomy and lonely in the second part. The game begins with Ellie and Dina becoming a couple, a relationship that becomes strained due to the circumstances of the world in which the characters of The Last of Us live, as well as due to the events following Joel’s death.

“One of Us, Part 2” is a story about the dangerous undulating consequences of the vicious circle of revenge that Ellie and Abby, Joel’s killer, go through over time, eventually fighting each other on the verge of death. Since Ellie cannot let go of the trauma and pain that Joel’s death has caused her, even after she and Abby fight each other, with the latter winning and even threatening Dina’s life, she eventually decides to leave her life with Dina to try again to avenge her adoptive father.

Ellie finally managed to build her own family with Dina and their son JJ, but it was also a dream that disappeared when they both realized that Ellie could not get rid of her anger and thirst for revenge. Ellie’s story is a story of sacrifice and loss, when almost everyone she cares about eventually dies or goes to “One of Us, Parts 1 and 2.” often come and go quite quickly.

Even if The Last of Us 3 gives Ellie this form of calm and time to heal, her story shouldn’t end bitterly, but instead should focus on how she can live a full life. If Ellie dies, her story will ultimately be a story about succumbing to demons, not about retribution, and it may be too hard for fans after the events of the second part. a testament to Ellie’s struggles and shortcomings, but one in which she can start over and grow older, perhaps by becoming JJ’s foster mother, as Joel became her father.

The Last of Us 2 is already available on PS4.


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