The Last of Us 3 should give players control over new characters, as it was in the second part with Ellie and Abby


The Last of Us has been visited by some of the most interesting game characters, and its third part should repeat this trend. Both parts of The Last of Us tell about Ellie’s journey through the infected world, but the story is told from different points of view. Each game gave players the opportunity to control different characters, and although the choice of some characters turned out to be controversial, the different main characters served as an interesting way to tell this story.

At the end of The Last of Us 2, Ellie is left alone after her quest for revenge, and perhaps this is where the third one begins. The third game is not officially presented, but Naughty Dog will probably want to continue the story at some point. While the next game may bring players back to Ellie’s place, it may prove more interesting if players are given control of another new set of characters. Giving players the opportunity to see this world from new perspectives really helps make each game unique and can work wonders with storytelling.

The Last of Us 1 and 2 feature different characters

In The Last of Us 1, players will control a smuggler named Joel, who has been surviving in the post-apocalyptic United States for some time. Players had to witness the heartbreaking death of his daughter at the beginning of the infection to understand how she changed him. After that, he spends most of his time crossing the quarantine zone of Boston, smuggling goods and doing everything possible to survive. Everything changes when he is tasked with transporting a teenage girl named Ellie to a group of survivors known as the Fireflies.

The Last of Us 2 deals with the aftermath of Joel’s decision to save Ellie at the end of the first part. This time, the player took control of Ellie and a brand new character named Abby. Ellie tracks down Abby to get revenge, while Abby embarks on her own mission to rescue her friends. It was a different type of story than the first one, and there were heavy themes in its narration. The players had to plunge into the conflict from both sides, and it showed the brutality of this post-apocalyptic world.

There was some postponement between the two “One of Us” games, as Ellie served as the main catalyst for the events of the first, but she became the center of attention in the second. Both games told dark stories in their own way. This helped the players to look at this world from different points of view and supplemented it with completely new sets of characters. This series was also one of the few video game series in which players take a detailed look at both sides of the conflict.

Different characters offer new perspectives

The first game “One of Us” allowed players to witness the journey of a man who lost a lot, but found a purpose in Ellie, and the second game allowed them to see how far a man can go to avenge those he loves. These are completely unique stories that complement each other well, and different points of view only add to this.

When players control different people, they see the world through different eyes. Joel reacts to the world in a completely different way than Ellie, and Abby has brought a whole new set of characters and dynamics that the other two characters didn’t have. This further fills the world with intriguing characters, and also allows players to see it differently depending on who they are. This makes the world of The Last of Us more saturated, as each game brings with it a completely new feeling.

Various main characters also change the gameplay in their games. Joel was an elderly man, and therefore the combat mechanics were built so that the players liked it. Ellie was much more agile since she was younger, and as a result, the second game allowed for increased mobility. Abby was bigger than Ellie, and she felt it thanks to her powerful melee attacks. Each character also advertised different arsenals of weapons, which made the combat scenarios different.


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