The Last Of Us 2: Small Detail Makes Character ‘More Human’


The Last Of Us 2: It may sound silly, but a detail found in The Last of Us Part II gives us a new perspective on the characters’ journey through the brutal Naughty Dog title exclusive to PlayStation consoles.

In a recent share on Reddit, user KiwiOutrageous7295 showed off his “discovery”: at a certain point in the game, during the mission “The Aquarium” antagonist Abby could slide over the banister of the bleachers of the abandoned aquarium.

The sequence, which rolls during a flashback, shows Abby and Owen exploring the place and at one point it is possible to see the boy sliding down the handrail, showing players that movement is possible. To do this, just walk towards the structure, allowing the girl to replicate the action.

Cool Accidental find, did anyone know she could do this? from thelastofus

Although small, the find sheds new light on how the characters develop in The Last of Us 2. During the memory, Abby is younger and has not yet gone through some traumas that would later redefine her life, and that’s why she may. to be seen simply acting like “a child”, enjoying the moment a little.

As noted by another user in the comments, later, when she revisits the site, the girl no longer repeats the movement because she was forced to mature, being now older and traumatized. Because of the circumstances, Abby changed: she became tougher, closed, bitter, and it’s interesting to see this character change in these two distinct moments.

And you, had you already discovered this detail?