The Last of Us 2: Project Spores, Fan Movie Wins Teaser


The Last of Us 2, like every hugely successful game, has inspired all kinds of artists and content creators to showcase their works based on the game. A diehard group of fans has decided not to stop only in cosplay and is making a movie, called Project Spores – which this week received its first teaser:

The project is reminiscent of “Ellie’s Revenge”, another short film inspired by the game that came out a few months ago. An interesting difference in this project, however, is the fact that it follows a more collaborative line, bringing together cosplayers and various creators to make not only the film, but also series of photographs and other such promotions, recreating the world of The Last of Us 2.

The first teaser for Project Spores focuses on Ellie and Dina, played by cosplayers Opal Ink (@opal_inkcosplay) and Sophie Pamment (@soul_for_acting), respectively. The video also briefly shows a Clicker, played by Rakiri (@rakiricosplay).

The teaser is pretty quick and doesn’t give a very good sense of how big the finished movie might be, but Project Spores has released more footage of other featured cosplayers.

The movie doesn’t have a specific release date yet, and we should see more footage and teasers like these being shown by then. Anyone interested can keep an eye out for news while waiting for the official series premiere on HBO.


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