The Last of Us 2: Originally Playing The Guitar Would Not Be A Mini Game


The Last of Us 2: Anyone who played The Last of Us 2 will remember that, as bittersweet as Ellie and Abby’s journey is, there is at least one element of the gameplay that always offers some casual fun free from the horror of this post-apocalyptic world: sitting down and play a little guitar!

Designers Mark Burroughs and Grant Hoechst spoke to PlayStation Blog about the origins of this cute minigame that ended up motivating dozens or hundreds of videos all over the internet as players stopped to record covers of their favorite songs.

According to the duo, at first the plan was not to have a free minigame, as this seemed to go against the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčembracing a darker tone throughout the journey, but as the team experimented with including more licensed music in the game, like Take on Me, it opened the door to fun gameplay, and from there it was no turning back.

After that, “the team at Naughty Dog exchanged several videos with each other showing our fan favorite versions, so we leave our congratulations and recognition to everyone who created something on our guitar, you can’t even imagine how special it was to see it all!”

Did you also have fun with the game’s viola? Did you play any music there? Let us know in the comments below!