The Last of Us 2: Multiplayer Assets Are Revealed on Video


After achieving an interesting and unexpected success with the multiplayer mode of the first The Last of Us, Naughty Dog decided not to invest their time and budget for something similar in the game’s sequel. Currently, it’s speculated that the company left to work exclusively in an online mode after the game’s release, and some unused assets in The Last of Us 2 may give us hints of what to expect.

The video above was released by the Speclizer account on YouTube, which specializes precisely in delving into game programming files and discovering secrets and unused resources.

We can see in the video a very extensive map for multiplayer and some items that ended up being left there when Naughty Dog gave up the mode for the first release of the game. The size of the map is so expressive that the video speculates the possibility that The Last of Us 2 online will feature a Battle Royale mode, which would come as no surprise.

In addition, we can also see a strange helmet called “listen-mode-device”, in addition to a collar. This seems to indicate that the game’s “listening mode” would be a feature you need to unlock in multiplayer by finding this helmet. The collar can be an indication that you could also use dogs in PvP mode, perhaps finding the item or choosing it as part of your loadout.

Assets are very basic and almost textureless, showing that they were left at a very early stage of development.


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