The Last of Us 2: mod turns Ellie into a cracker


The Last of Us 2: Youtuber TheMagicalBlob shared on his social networks some videos of his latest mod project, which puts Ellie, from The Last of Us Part 2, in the shoes of a cracker.

In the images, it is possible to observe that the cracker’s skin was adapted to Ellie’s main mechanics and physics, both in relation to her movements in combat as well as to her gestures and speeches. Interestingly, the protagonist not only received a skin from the infected, but was completely replaced by him, increasing considerably in size. Check out the video below.

The mod also put the young survivor in a hilarious moment with his girlfriend Dina, where he appears playing a guitar and playing A-ha in a moment that is originally exciting, but which takes on absurd and comical outlines with the character “dressed” in a popper.

What did you think of the mod? Do you also want to be at your table today to play the campaign from start to finish with Abby and a popper? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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