The Last of Us 2 gets PS5 Patch With 60 fps and Improvements Today (19)


The Last of Us 2: Sony and Naughty Dog announced today (19) that The Last of Us Part 2 will receive today a free update for PS5, bringing higher resolution and 60 fps on the new generation PlayStation console.

According to PlayStation Blog, the 1.08 patch will benefit players who are on PS5 with faster loadings and there is an option of 30 or 60 fps. According to the information on the website, there are other improvements that come as part of the “backward compatibility of PS5 with PS4 games”, but they have not been detailed. Nothing has been said about using DualSense functions.

Although Sony details “improved resolution”, Digital Foundry revealed in its technical analysis that all elements of the game on PlayStation 5 are identical to the PS4 Pro version (so the resolution increase only exists in relation to the PS4 Base), but at 60 fps. According to the specialized channel, during the 8 hours of capture, only a single scene had drops just below the target of 60 frames per second.

The Last of Us Part 2 is now available for PS4 and now with improvements on PS5, which arrived today (19) in a free update.


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