The Last of Us 2: Ellie is able to prevent escape from the first Stalker


The Last of Us 2 was released in June 2020 exclusively for PS4. And almost a year after its release, we are still surprised by it, as the possibility of eliminating the first Stalker that appears in the game, something that, until then, seemed to be impossible or to be part of the script of the story.

The feat was discovered by Reddit user: Razeric_. In a video posted on the forum, he shows that to accomplish the feat, all you need is agility to strike the creature before it runs away. However, the only change it brings to the game is that he doesn’t return with his pack when Ellie is chased by them in the shadows.

It is worth remembering that The Last of Us 2 was elected by the The Game Awards, considered the ‘Oscar of the Videogame’, as the best game of 2020. The game was also chosen as the Best of the Year by Voxel readers in a vote here on the website .

And if you haven’t already, check out our full review of the game!


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