The Last of Us 2: creates scenes that look like photos


Italian cosplayer and photographer Alessia Grassi shared on her social networks incredible images of an essay from The Last of Us Part 2, where she played co-star Abby. A fan of the game, the artist could not hide her passion and perfectly captured the atmosphere of the game, portraying some of the memorable scenes presented in the campaign.

In one of the cosplayer’s photos, it is possible to observe the exact moment when Abby attacks one of the runners (“runners” in English), reproducing a scene that surprises by the similarity with the events of The Last of Us 2. And it is worth emphasizing that each detail was redone with extreme perfection, from the rotten makeup of the infected to the aggressive environment itself, giving the impression that the game was brought to real life.

Alessia is also a standout apart and brings all the grandeur of Abby in her look, presenting herself with shabby clothes and the character’s characteristic brutality and assuming her marked physical strength.

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