The Last of Us 2: Concept Art Shows Characters After 30 Years


The Last of Us 2: Whoever played the first The Last of Us had an interesting experience in its sequel, as it was possible to see some of the characters and scenarios that we already knew after a few years of the original adventure, including an adult Ellie and an older version of our dear Joel. Except, of course, you can’t help wondering how the characters we know in The Last of Us 2 would be in a while.

Fortunately, an artist known as Edit Ballai Maximus had exactly that idea and decided to create some conceptual arts showing us how these characters would be in no less than 30 years. She posted her works on the ArtStation website, where there are also arts about some of the game’s scenarios.

Above, we can see how the artist imagines that Ellie would be 49 years old, for example. Although she looks much older than we usually see in people of this age group, we must remember that all the characters in the world of The Last of Us end up living a much harder, more stressful life and without the benefits of medicine that we have in real life. .

With that, you can see that even JJ, the baby that was the result of a relationship between Dina and Jesse, appears with a well aged look only at the age of 30 in the art above. The second protagonist of the game, Abby, seems to have had a more generous aging, as we can see below:

At the height of her 50s, she maintains the most serious characteristic look and her old scar on her chin. Very interesting to see these older characters, don’t you think ?! Even more because there is not even a great certainty if there will be a third game in the franchise or if it would show the events so far in the future as well.


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