The Last of Us 2: Artists Explain How They Made Realistic Eyes


The Last of Us Part 2 received nearly every possible award throughout 2020, including being named Game of the Year at The Game Awards. After all, in addition to its remarkable story and very well-calibrated action, Naughty Dog’s masterpiece also shone in every little detail, such as the characters’ eyes.

For those interested behind the scenes of the production, technical art director Waylon Brinck and technical artist Steven Tang posted a video earlier this year talking about how the project came true. Amidst much talk about lighting and weather effects, the developers also explained what it was like to work on the characters:

According to the duo, although normal eyes were decent enough at the beginning of the project, they soon noticed that the realism of the clothes, animations and lighting around them required greater eye care. From then on, the theme became a priority for the team.

The solution found was to create proper spaces for shadows even on the characters’ eyelids and eyelashes, including making the most of the animals and the infected so that everyone was coherent in realism.

Did you think their work was worth it? What do you think of the look of The Last of Us Part 2? Comment below!


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