The Last of US 2 allows you to play billiards using cue


The Last of Us 2 has a vast world with many elements to watch and enjoy. One of them, for example, is a pool table (the popular snooker here in Brazil) that you can actually use to play using bullets from your weapons as a cue.

The video you can see in this news appeared on Reddit and shows Ellie discovering a pool table in the Seattle area within the game. To move the balls, the character uses ammunition from his pistol – which many may find wasteful due to the limited amount of supplies within the game.

See the dynamics in action below (detail: notice that the balls move, but do not fall into the hole):

Despite being a small discovery, it is interesting that even in something so silly there was some effort to implement physics mechanics and the functioning of billiard balls, which can even fall into the pocket: that is, someone programmed that on a pool table that the the vast majority will never interact, there is attention to small details.

The Last of Us 2 is available for PlayStation 4.


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