The Last Kingdom: What is the plot of the movie that arrives on Netflix after the end


The Last Kingdom, streaming platform Netflix’s historical drama that first premiered in 2015, concluded last week after all ten episodes of season 5 hit fans’ screens, with a major battle and keeping Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon) in front.

The series is a television adaptation whose five seasons are based on the seven-volume writings of Bernard Cornwell’s saga, The Saxon Stories. And since the goal is to bring all ten books to the screens, the team and much of the cast of The Last Kingdom is currently filming the film production that will also be released on Netflix sometime in 2023.

While fans of The Last Kingdom originally thought that the Uhtred drama would move forward with a season 6 on Netflix, the truth is that the remaining three books of Cornwell’s literary work that did not make it into the series will be adapted into the film ‘Seven Kings Must Die’, and it must be clear that the film will not be a sequel to the drama that has just ended.

In this sense, the executive producer of The Last Kingdom, Nigel Marchant was interviewed by the Radio Times, and assured that the film will not be the continuation of the Netflix drama and that it was planned with the transmitter in order to narrate the story. of Uhtred in a broader way. This was what he said:

“Over the five seasons there was a very definite beginning, middle and end, so it was a decision of the whole team that we came to the conclusion. However, we knew there were a few more books that were continuing the story from where we got to at the end of Season 5. So we started talking to Netflix about being able to tell that last piece of the puzzle to make the story feel more complete.” .

And it is that the producer of The Last Kingdom did not reveal what the film that will be released on Netflix at some point will be about. However, fans of The Last Kingdom who have read the written saga took to Reddit to discuss who could appear in the film and which kings are referred to by the title of the production that is in development.

The last three books of the saga are War of the Wolf, Sword of Kings and War Lord, and therefore some fans commented that King Constantine, a character who appeared during season 5 of The Last Kingdom, will surely be among the kings that will star in the film which will also star Alexander Dreymon. This was said by the fan quoting the characters from the upcoming Netflix movie:

“Osbert of Northumbria, Edmund of East Anglia (the martyr), Peredur of Cornwall, Guthrum (christened Aethelstan), Alfred of Wessex, the Vikings Ragnall and Sigtryggr, and finally Edward the Elder, all die before England makes a nation under a king. .”