The Last Kingdom: The sad injury suffered by Alexander Dreymon filming the end


After the bittersweet end of the fifth and final season of the series The Last Kingdom, the Netflix platform announced that there will be a movie. The film that is being prepared will be titled Seven King Must Die, which will follow the story of Uhtred trying to unite the kingdoms of England. Lead star Alexander Dreymon, however, had some trouble filming the drama’s ending after sustaining an injury to his hand.

During the final season of The Last Kingdom, Uhtred, his friends, and his allies faced many enemies as Netflix’s historical drama reached its climax. Facing his friend Brida (Emily Cox), who became his enemy and tried to kill him and end his entire generation.

But, while filming the shocking war scenes in The Last Kingdom season 5, actor Alexander Dreymon opened up about how he broke his hand while filming a stunt. Although the star assured the stunt and stunt coordinator, they made sure to keep his injured hand from getting in the way at the time.

“I wrapped the hand to stabilize it and even knowing that it is not noticeable. It went very well.”

“Our stunt coordinator did everything he could to coordinate the fights so that it didn’t impact the hand too much.”

Levente Lezsák was the stunt coordinator for the final season of the Anglo-Saxon drama. He is responsible for all the action sequences in the series, including the battles and horse stunts. Many of the cast members congratulated him on his excellent job in preparing each of the scenes for the fifth installment of the show.

In fact, Alexander Dreymon assured that the injury to his hand was due to the fact that he tried to go further than allowed. Which was why he got hit with one of the fake swords. But, he in turn confirmed that the team each of the cast members worked with was very safe.

“They are an amazing team, I have to say that the injuries that we receive are usually due to us going too far.

Fortunately, Alexander Dreymon’s injury didn’t escalate or prevent him from filming his scenes in the final season of The Last Kingdom. With the help of Levente Lezsák they managed to resolve the incident and continue.

Now, all fans hope to see the star once again in the film that the Netflix platform is preparing, Seven King Must Die. This film will definitively close the story of Uhtred and his attempt to unite everyone.