The Last Kingdom: The Most Special Appearance Of All That Very Few Fans Noticed


Heading into its fifth and final season, The Last Kingdom is among the most popular and critically acclaimed cult shows, endorsed by a superb and talented creative team and in which its cast achieved international fame thanks to its broadcast through the Netflix platform. Although none of this would be possible without the existence of the work on which it is based, the novels The Saxon Stories by the writer Bernard Cornwell.

Starring Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred of Bebbanburg, the historical drama of medieval Britain, it has had the special participation of several important actors such as Rutger Hauer, Matthew Macfadyen, Jason Flemyng, Nicholas Rowe, Lorcan Cranitch, Eva Birthistle, Alec Newman, Sergej Onopko, among others, invited to participate in a few episodes. However, there is a cameo that, although it went unnoticed by many, was one of the most important in the series, we are referring to that of the writer Bernard Cornwell.

Bernard Cornwell is an English author known for his historical novels about the Battle of Waterloo and the creation of England. The 76-year-old writer published the first of The Saxon Stories, titled The Last Kingdom, in 2004 (there are 13 books in all). The books are about the origins of England and how the different kingdoms came together as one.

Regarding the series, Cornwell has pointed out that he did not write any of the scripts for The Last Kingdom. This was because he had already worked in television for over a decade and did not want to become a hindrance. And while he made it clear that he has no intention of having a voice on the show, he has always spoken positively of the way each character has been portrayed for the small screen, as well as accepting an exciting proposal.

During an interview for The Screen Chronicles, the author was detailing the moment in which he makes a small cameo and that it is part of his last book with a message dedicated to the actor Alexander Dreymon. The scene in question appeared in the fourth season, in the sequence where some soldiers who were looking for the character of Alexander, stop to urinate near a tree and Uhtred approaches them from behind and murders them.

“I like Alexander, he is very good company and it was a way of thanking the entire film crew,” said the writer.

“It was absolutely fantastic, he deserves a book. It really was a way of thanking the whole team.”

Regarding his foray into acting, Cornwell noted that he welcomed the proposal and enjoyed it very much, especially because how it came about was his idea. “My only appearance as an actor on television is actually peeing, but it worked.” joked the author, while adding that he has no intention of doing it again in the next installment, unless it is playing an evil supporting character.