The Last Kingdom: Season 5 Will Be The Last of the Netflix Series

The Last Kingdom: It was recently announced that Netflix’s The Last Kingdom series will end its saga after the conclusion of Season 5. Thus, the work of Bernard Cornwell, on which the episodes are based, will not be fully transposed to the screen, given that the collection of the Saxon Chronicles consists of thirteen novels.

The 5th season of the series will focus on adapting the books Warriors of the Storm, released in 2015, and O Portador do Fogo, from 2016, respectively, the ninth and tenth volume of the story.

Although the closing announcement took fans by surprise, the good news is that the latest episodes are already being filmed. For this reason, it is speculated that some elements of the final books were used in the scripts as a way of concluding the narrative.

For now, there is no concrete information about when Season 5 of The Last Kingdom will debut.

The Last Kingdom: learn more about the 5th season of the Netflix series

Initially, The Last Kingdom debuted on the BBC. However, it became an original Netflix production from season 2, when it was co-produced by the streaming platform. The epic series was very successful with subscribers, being met with positive reviews most of the time.

The cast features Emily Cox, Ian Hart, Eliza Butterworth, Arnas Fedaravicius, Mark Rowley, Millie Brady, Timothy Innes, Eva Birthistle, Jeppe Beck Laursen, Toby Regbo, Finn Elliot, Ruby Hartley and James Northcote.

It is not yet clear whether the decision to end production came from a creative motivation on the part of Netflix producers – in view of the novels that were still waiting to be adapted. However, it is quite possible that the ending will be quite satisfactory for everyone who followed the saga up to that point.

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