The Last Kingdom Season 5: Why its biggest change is so necessary


The release that The Last Kingdom recently made about new scenes and the release date of its fifth and final season on the Netflix platform generated an avalanche of comments on social networks about what the drama will bring, which finally confirms an important jump in the arc of time and that apparently will level, at least in part, the British series with the novels The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell on which it is based.

After almost two years of absence, now that The Last Kingdom is finally scheduled to be released on March 9, the new promotional trailer brought with it, in addition to a great surprise for being closer to appearing on screen than expected, some comments on what it means in the series the passing of the years that so much was speculated could happen.

All the rumors are confirmed, The Last Kingdom begins with the interruption of a prolonged peace, the dreaded war between Danish Vikings and Saxons arrives, expected by the public and especially by those who know Bernard Cornwell’s work and in which Uhtred of Bebbanburg by Alexander Dreymon, he will have to face situations and dangers that will determine his future and will lay the foundations for the film that will tie up the possible loose ends left by the program entitled Seven Kings Must Die, which has just begun filming.

It was to be expected that this new time jump would generate so many expectations, The Last Kingdom being a historical drama set during the Anglo-Saxon period. After its first season takes place between the years 866 and 878, the story of the rest of the deliveries was presented little by little in a period that completed several decades. The second took place between 878 and 886, while the third, which showed the death of King Alfred (David Dawson), was set between 893 and 900.

Season four was set in an approximate five-year period between 905 and 910, when Uhtred’s character is supposed to be in his 50s. In the next installment, it is expected to begin with the protagonist already in his 54th year. It is not yet clear whether the public will see him overcome the 60-year barrier in the development of the episodes of his last season or if he will have to wait until the movie.

As the series is based on The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell and the author has said in the past that he wanted to end the narrative in the year 937, there is a lot of time that the adaptation would have to cover if the intention is to be as faithful as possible to the story. the written work. It is not yet entirely clear if this will happen in the series, so it only remains to wait for its premiere to confirm if the public’s theories are true.