The Last Kingdom Season 5: The worst death of the entire series that left fans bad


The Last Kingdom, the historical drama that is inspired by the Saxon sagas written by Bernard Cornwell The Saxon Stories, premiered on the BBC in 2015 and came to an end through the Netflix streaming platform last week, when the New Season 5 episodes hit fans’ screens to wrap up the series following Alexander Dreymon’s Uhtred of Bebbanburg. (Season 5 spoilers)

As announced before the premiere of the fifth and final installment of The Last Kingdom, the series culminated in a great war promoted by Brida (Emily Cox) who was carried away by her thirst for revenge against her Uhtred. And as in any armed conflict someone must die, as expected one of the favorite characters of the fans was vilely murdered.

The series starring Dreymon ended after season 5 because it was planned that way before it first appeared on the screen. The series spanned 7 of the ten books written by Cornwell with more stories expected to come through a film production already underway.

However, before Uhtred’s story comes to an end, the final season of The Last Kingdom featured one of the most devastating deaths in the entire history of the Netflix series. Fans of the historical drama could not stop expressing themselves on social networks after witnessing the murder of Osferth, played by Ewan Mitchell, who ended up being stabbed in the back.

On social networks, fans expressed amidst the heartbreak as they felt the death of Osferth, with some calling it the worst death of the Netflix series, which although it concluded with season 5, will continue the works of Cornwell through the movie ‘Seven Kings Must Die’, with Alexander Dreymon in the lead as Uhtred of Bebbanburg. This is what some fans said:

“He broke my heart when he yelled, ‘Please don’t let me die, Finan!'”

“Poor man, he was heartbroken. I can’t wait to see the bastards on the show take their punishment from him.”

“Give them back, please. It was supposed to be Uhtred and his THREE musketeers happily ever after. I miss my baby monk.”

“Absolutely devastated and mentally unstable, they really did kill my son Osferth.”

The Last Kingdom is one of the great Netflix series. The drama presented a huge delay in delivering its final season, mainly due to the global health crisis that caused a series of restrictions preventing the crew and cast from reaching the film set. Fortunately, they managed to film since the end of 2020 and are now filming the movie that will surely be released on Netflix next year.