The Last Kingdom Season 5: Alexander Dreymon explains why the series will end


The Last Kingdom, is the historical drama that is based on the literary saga The Saxon Stories written by Bernad Cornwell, and that narrates the life of Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a Saxon warrior who was raised by the Vikings after his uncle murdered his father . The series premiered on the British broadcast network BBC in 2015 and will come to an end with the sixth season on the Netflix platform.

The series conquered the hearts of viewers since it first aired, achieving over the years the solidification of an immense fan base around the world, due to its fascinating plot and largely due to the interpretive quality of each of its characters.

Fans have not seen new episodes of The Last Kingdom since the fourth season premiered in April 2020. The successful historical drama, presented a delay in the production of its fifth season due to the pandemic that is currently affecting the world and particularly to all television series.

It wasn’t until late 2020 that the crew and cast of The Last Kingdom returned to the film set to shoot the new episodes amid restrictions caused by the pandemic. Fortunately, filming culminated in 2021 and therefore the final episodes of the series remain in post-production stage, while fans await the official announcement of the premiere date.

Fans of The Last Kingdom were shocked when Netflix announced that season five would be its last. They never thought that the series that follows Uhtred, played by Alexander Dreymon, would end so soon. However, this has a reason for being and the reason was explained by the main actor.

It was during last year’s MCM London Comic Con, when Alexander Dreymon explained why The Last Kingdom will end with season five. The protagonist of the series said that the end of the drama with season 5 had been planned for a long time and that therefore there are no external factors that are influencing this decision. This explained during his speech:

“When we started filming the show, there were ten books that Bernard Cornwell had written. And we structured the program in such a way that the fifth season would always be the last. ”

“However, we’ve been talking about maybe a little stretching for a long time… because it seemed like it couldn’t be the end yet. I saw a huge appetite from the fans for an encore. So we decided together with Netflix to make a special, which will be a ‘film version’ of the series and that we will start filming next year ”.

Fortunately, if The Last Kingdom plans to conclude with the fifth installment, it seems that this will not be the final end since according to Dreymon’s words, the story will continue with a movie that will begin shooting this year. The feature film will be called “Seven Kings Must Die” and will adapt other important elements of the Bernard Cornwell saga.