The Last Kingdom Season 5: Alexander Dreymon confirmed what object will be taken from the set


The Last Kingdom, the historical drama that premiered on the BBC network in 2015, is coming to an end with the debut of season 5 which appeared on the streaming platform Netflix this March 9 as planned. Inspired by the novels written by Bernard Cornwell, The Saxon Stories, the series is set in the struggle for control of what later became England.

Fans of The Last Kingdom haven’t seen any new episodes since Season 4 of the series premiered on Netflix in April 2020. Alexander Dreymon returned as the iconic character Uhtred of Bebbanburg, immersed in a number of twists and turns that tell how love unfolds. turned into hatred in this last bloody war with many fallen.

Let’s remember that The Last Kingdom is the drama that follows Uhtred, a warrior born Saxon but who was kidnapped when he was just a child and was raised by the Danish Vikings after they murdered his father. His uncle stole the throne of Bebbanburg from him, and the series’ history has seen the struggle of Dreymon’s character as he tries to take back what belongs to him.

When fans last saw Uhtred in The Last Kingdom, he had been entrusted with the care of King Edward’s (Timothy Innes) illegitimate infant son, who was in the crosshairs of his scheming grandfather, Lord Aethelhelm (Adrian Schiller). ). And while the fifth and final season will also focus on Brida’s (Emily Cox) vengeful war against Uhtred, viewers know that the story will continue with the movie titled Seven Kings Must Die.

The film production, which will focus on the latest books by Bernard Cornwell, is currently being filmed in Bulgaria where Alexander Dreymon is reprising his role as Uhtred of Bebbanburg. In an interview with TV Insider, The Last Kingdom actor addressed the challenges he underwent filming the series in full armor, and also revealed what he plans to take from set when filming wraps up.

It is common for the actors of some programs to take some prop that belongs to the set of the series. When TV Insider asked Alexander Dreymon what memory he took with him after the end of season 5 of The Last Kingdom, the actor confessed that he has not taken anything yet, but when the filming of ‘Seven Kings Must Die’ is finished, he will take home the most precious to him:

“When we finish the special, I will definitely try to steal Uhtred’s sword. Do not tell anybody”.