The Last Kingdom: Alexander Dreymon Reveals What We Suspected About Playing Uhtred


The Last Kingdom, the television adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s literary work, The Saxon Stories, premiered in 2015 on the BBC broadcast network and last week reached its conclusion when the final ten episodes appeared on the streaming platform. Netflix streaming, to close this part of the story about Uhtred of Bebbanburg, the character masterfully played by Alexander Dreymon.

In the Netflix series, Uhtred is a Saxon-born warrior who was kidnapped by Danish Vikings when he was just a child, after his uncle orchestrated the murder of his father to steal the throne of Bebbanburg. Throughout the five seasons, Alexander Dreymon’s character remains in a constant struggle with the purpose of recovering what really belongs to him.

Like most historical dramas, The Last Kingdom is a series where violence is a part of the plot inspired by the story written by Cornwell, and each of its characters portrays the lifestyle of the Vikings and Saxons of the The time in which the show is set. That is why there is no doubt that the cast members had to take on great challenges when shooting in front of the cameras.

The Netflix series is characterized by presenting its characters immersed in high-risk situations and in constant movement. This includes, scenes of fighting in great battles using a type of clothing appropriate to the time. In a recent interview, Alexander Dreymon praised The Last Kingdom’s costume designers, while also revealing what the most uncomfortable part of playing Uhtred of Bebbanburg was.

During the conversation, Alexander Dreymon admitted that these professionals from the production team helped him improve the physical complexion of his character in The Last Kingdom. However, he confessed that the clothes he had to wear during long daily filming days to play Uhtred were too uncomfortable for him. This explained:

“As I’ve said before, I love the physicality of playing a character and the suit definitely gives me a physicality that helps me embody the character, just because of what it’s like to wear those boots and how the armor makes me feel. Especially the armor, it’s very uncomfortable, it’s very tight. Some armor I’ve worn was extremely heavy.”

“Having that sword on your shoulder makes you move in such a different way than in your everyday life. Because if you walk through a door or even walk past someone, you have to move your shoulders so that the sword doesn’t hit someone in the face.” I don’t know if the suit gives me the character, but it certainly brings the physique of Uhtred.”

It must be recognized that The Last Kingdom is one of the largest series that Netflix has presented, with an extraordinary plot arc that has made the historical drama one of the most watched on the transmitter. The show may be coming to an end with season 5, but fans will get to see more of Uhtred in the movie Seven Kings Must Die, which is currently filming.